About Terri


A Note from Jon

Terri is the love of my life.  I've been married to her now for almost 19 years, and I have no greater friend on earth.  When she approached me with the idea of serving as a Doula, it took me all of 3 seconds to realize that she was passionate about it.  Much much later, after her training and numerous birth experiences, I can only say that she was made for this role.

Ever since Selah (our first), Terri has been a student of the birthing process, and an advocate for mothers around her.  Her training and experience combine with gentle hands, a watchful eye, and the heart of a lion to bring a highly valuable support system to families of all shapes and sizes.

As a father of six, I understand that the birth experience is precious for both mom and dad.  Terri has the wisdom and humility to provide her services in a way that honor dad's participation so both parents benefit from her services.